BVRG TARMAC: Susan Chancellor


Susan Chancellor: Road Trip

This series of monotypes is an expression of my oft-repeated return trips between the coastal town of Pambula where I live and the city of Canberra. The long narrow gallery space was intended to reflect temporal and spatial aspects of the journey while each of the seven triptychs expressed other aspects of my journey. 

Artist Statement

I am an Australian artist working from my studio in Pambula on the Far South Coast of New South Wales. I completed a PhD in visual art at Australian National University in 2018. My practice-led research investigated the territory between painting and drawing with the painterly monotype which I found conducive to metaphoric associations with my themes of space, time and memory.

Over recent years I have explored aspects of my lived experience with the monotype including family dynamics, my relationship to interior and exterior spaces and the natural environs. In these investigations I have created various forms of expanded immersive monotypes such as assemblage, panoramic series and large composite works with the aim of triggering the viewers' memories of similar experiences.

The monotype as a distinctive form: a practice-led investigation into how the monotype can deliver affect.

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