PORT : Ruth Maddison

Welcome to our latest pop-up gallery space, situated on the wharf in Eden at the brand new Welcome Centre.


Ruth Maddison

Photographic images featuring threatened and endangered flora of the Snowy Monaro region

5 November 2022 - 5 February 2023

OPEN: Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm, Sat 10am to 4pm and Sun 10am-2pm at the Eden Visitor Welcome Centre.

"In 2008 I was commissioned by NSW Parks and Wildlife Service and South East Arts to produce 12 images of threatened/endangered plants from the Snowy-Monaro region.

With guides, and permission to pick specimens to work with, I clambered around Brown Mountain, Mt. Kosciuszko and places in-between.

I made the scroll-like images using a mix of photography, photograms (cameraless images) and scanned botanical material, then combined images and text digitally to produce the final archival pigment prints. The original set of images were 150h x 50w cm. This set, printed October 2022, measure (image size) 104h x 35w cm on sheet 109 x 39 cm."

Ruth Maddison 2022

Ruth Maddison (b. Australia 1945) is a self-taught photographer and artist. Maddison began working as a professional photographer in 1976, and she has been regularly exhibiting her work since 1979. Photography has been her primary medium, but in later years her artistic practice has expanded to include moving-image and textiles. An interest in personal biography and the celebration of everyday existence informs her artistic practice. She is most well-known for her hand-coloured photographs of domestic life. In 1996 Maddison relocated from Melbourne to Eden, on the south coast of NSW.