'Dugong' by Graeme Smith

These local multi-disciplinary artists are mentored one on one in a converted garage in the township of Bega.

Over the years they have produced unique, engaging, challenging and distinctive works within a contemporary regional Australian context.

The artists range in ages from their early twenties to seventies. Some are established and have exhibited with commercial and critical success, others are emerging and gaining a new following of eager collectors.

All works are for sale.


The exhibition will be presented at the ground floor exhibition space of the Bega Valley Commemorative Centre


Wayne Ramus
Taylor Kearney
Craig Haining
Graeme Smith
Jennifer Wade
John Kivits
Robbie Maples
Krystal Cutajar
Mitchell Porteous
Jeffery Young
Emily Brown
Stephen Davies
Cornelius Moon
Jennifer Russell
Sarah Carr
Colleen Barrett
Beverley Mitchell
Graham Henkel
Joy Umback
Miriam Kydd