The BVRG collection

The BVRG collection is an eclectic one, largely garnered through the long standing CALTEX Award/Bega Art Prize, which ran from the 1960's, and continues in today's form as the Bega Valley Mural Prize. It has been regularly augmented by selective purchases by Council, and generous donations of artworks from both the local community and since the gallery has acheived Cultural Gift status increasingly from prominent Australian artists.

The Bega Valley Arts and Crafts Society Collection (1988 - 2017)

The current BVRG space was created to address the need of a local organisation, the Bega Valley Arts and Crafts Society, to have a permanent space for it to exhibit and display it's art collection. The group had been housed in a succession of locations within Bega since its formation in 1946. With the creation of the Regional Gallery in 1988 by the Bega Valley Shire Council, the society entrusted its collection to the council to hold on behalf of the community. In 2017 the whole BVACS collection was gifted to the BVRG to be held within its permanent collection.

The collection is an historical one featuring paintings by Hilda Rix Nicholas, Julian Ashton and prints by Sydney Long. The three pieces of Hilda Rix Nicholas' in the collection have been on regular loan since the artist was 'rediscovered' in the 2010s. Most notably the works have been included in exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery and the Mosman Art Gallery.

Since 2014 the BVRG has initiated a collecting program utilising funds raised by donations.

For further information about how you can help build the BVRG collection you can go to our Giving page.