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CONCRETE: Art, Design, Architrcture

CONCRETE: Art Design Architecture is a major exhibition exploring innovative ways that concrete is being used by artists, designers and architects in Australia in the 21st century.

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Eugenia Lim: The Ambassaor 

Eugenia Lim is an Australian artist of Chinese–Singaporean descent who works across video, performance and installation. In her work, Lim transforms herself into invented fictional personas who traverse through time and cultures to explore how national identities and stereotypes cut, divide and bond our globalised world.

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CRAFTIVISM: Dissent Objects + Subversive Forms

Craftivism. Dissident Objects and Subversive Forms presents the work of contemporary Australian artists who utilise craft based materialities with a political intent. Broadening our understanding of craft-making traditions, the artists in this exhibition subvert and extend these forms into the realm of activism and social change, reflecting on the world in which we live.

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Weapons for the Soldier

A groundbreaking exhibition initiated by the young men of the APY Lands, bringing together Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian artists to examine complex themes of weaponry, warfare, and protecting land and Country.

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South East interference Volume lll - Shivanjani Lal

Initiated by the BVRG and curated by the BVRG Director Iain Dawson, this exhibition uses spatial and material activations along with video to create documents which analyse her personal narratives in the broader context of the social history which brought her family from India to Fiji and now to Australia. This is done in an effort to redefine the history of the Indo-Fijian Community away from the narratives produced by the current political climate in both Fiji and India.

We have developed two education kits, for primary and secondary students that align with curriculum and provide an opportunity for students to engage with priority areas of Asia, and Australia’s engagement in Asia.

In the arts, students can examine art forms that have arisen from the rich and diverse belief systems and traditions of the Asia region, as well as their local, regional and global influence. This learning area provides opportunities to investigate the role of the arts in developing, maintaining and transforming cultural beliefs and practices and communicating an understanding of the rich cultural diversity of the Asia region. Students can reflect on the intrinsic value of these artworks and artists’ practices as well as their place and value within broader social, cultural, historical and political contexts. 

The following concepts can be addressed in relation to Lal's exhibition:

Asia and its diversity

OI.1 The peoples and countries of Asia are diverse in ethnic background, traditions, cultures, belief systems and religions.

OI.2 Interrelationships between humans and the diverse environments in Asia shape the region and have global implications.

Achievements and contributions of the peoples of Asia

OI.3 The peoples and countries of Asia have contributed and continue to contribute to world history and human endeavour.

OI.4 The arts and literature of Asia influence aesthetic and creative pursuits within Australia, the region and globally.

Asia–Australia engagement

OI.5 Collaboration and engagement with the peoples of Asia support effective regional and global citizenship.

OI.6 Australia is part of the Asia region and our histories from ancient times to the present are linked.

OI.7 Australians play a significant role in social, cultural, political and economic developments in the Asia region.

OI.8 Australians of Asian heritage have influenced Australia’s history and continue to influence its dynamic culture and society.


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Contemporising the Modern :  Photography from the 20th and 21st Century MAMA

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I Heart Paint



Elisabeth CUMMINGS


Alesandro LJUBICIC



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'Balnnhdhurr' - A Lasting Impression

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Justene Williams : The Curtain Breathed Deeply

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This Education Kit has been produced by Artspace, Sydney, in conjunction with Museums & Galleries of NSW to support the touring exhibition, The Curtain Breathed Deeply by artist Justene Williams. It is primarily aimed at teachers and students from primary and lower secondary levels. We also encourage gallery staff, as well as community groups to use the information and activities in this resource. This resource offers:

Insight into the practice of Justene Williams

A glossary of terms

Worksheets and back-in-the classroom activities for primary and secondary students

Creative activity suggestions for galleries

A collective online Instagram activity


MOVE: Video art in schools

BVRG is thrilled to offer Educators this progressive resource from the Kaldor Foundation.

MOVE: Video art in schools is an exciting teaching and learning resource designed to support the creative arts curriculum in secondary schools. Available as a DVD package, it features contemporary video art works by renowned Australian artists, with comprehensive support materials which illuminate their practice and process.

Some of Australia’s best-known artists were commissioned to participate in the series - Daniel Crooks, Shaun Gladwell, The Kingpins, Todd McMillan, Jess MacNeil, Tracey Moffatt, TV Moore, Patricia Piccinini, David Rosetzky, Grant Stevens, John Tonkin and Daniel von Sturmer - each generously contributing educational editions of their video art work. MOVE: Video art in schools provides access to the work of these leading artists, available exclusively for use in your classroom.

Each artist resource contains:

- a video artwork for study

- comprehensive notes on the artist, their work, and the context of video art history and practice

- issues and themes to explore, discuss and share in the classroom

- art-making and research projects

MOVE: Video art in schools was produced in partnership with the New South Wales Department of Education, with contributions by leading arts and teaching professionals from across Australia. The package has been taken up more than by 1800 schools around the country, and has received national and international recognition as a model for innovative teaching strategies in creative arts education.

MOVE: Video art in schools…is one of my most useful resources. For many years this has been a difficult area to teach as video art resources have been virtually non-existent. These videos have proven invaluable.. Having actual Australian artworks as resources with support material is ideal. - Manilla Central School, New England, NSW

I regularly use this resource. I use the videos across Years 8-12 and find them invaluable. Students have a high level of interest when they view them because they relate so much to their lives and the use of technology. It opens their eyes to the possibilities of art.  - Parkes High School, Western NSW

The material is visually arresting, well-researched and thoughtfully explored, enabling students to gain real insight into the thinking and practice of artists. - Katrina Collins, Head Teacher, Visual Arts, SCEGGS Darlinghurst


Archibald Prize 2016

Art Gallery of NSW - Archibald Tour 2016 Education Resource
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Art Gallery of NSW - Presentation from Educators Day
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'Something More' - Tracey Moffatt

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